Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Enjoyed My Birthday - Jessika Lester

Well November 9 was my birthday and I turned 20 years old! I could not have been happier to not only have turned 20, but to have gotten the pleasure to live to 20 and I hope I have more years to come! My birthday fell on a Saturday which everyone was telling me to have a huge party, but that sounded like to much work, and a lot of cleaning up after that would have been involved so instead I skipped that and enjoyed it was my family at first... then later that night went to a friend’s house instead and had people over and just socialized and played corn hole with some great friends. They had a garage that they had stuff to do in and outside they had a burn barrel and music playing while they were throwing corn hole. I couldn't have wanted it any other way and was so thankful for how it went! The only thing that was a little disappointing was that I couldn't drive my truck to the party or get together you could call it as well, because I had lost it! That wasn't very exciting however everything else was very fun!


Making JJ Lawhorn Music Video - Jessika Lester

Around a year ago from this month, I was asked to be in JJ Lawhorn's music video. That was a no brainer! Of course I wanted to go! I remember when I was asked I was extremely excited and couldn't wait to go. I messaged Professor Sweeney telling him about what I was invited to do and he gave me the okay when I had to miss class (thanks again for that). Next thing I had on my mind was what am I going to wear?! There was so much I had going on in my head but I couldn't wait till that day arrived! When the day finally came I was anxious to see how it was going to play out. When I got there I unloaded my horse, got her saddled up, rode around for a little bit and met some new people who turned into good friends. Next it was time to make the music video. We all gathered around and said what we were going to do (after every scene), until the whole thing was put together. We all said our goodbyes and took pictures together to remember this awesome event we all had encountered together and a year later we will always have this music video to look back on! Check it out! If your wondering which one I am, I am the blonde wearing the white jacket! ENJOY!!  


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Meeting JJ Lawhorn Part 2 - Jessika Lester

We were walking around and I remember feeling someone grab my arm and I then turned around seeing a cute blonde with the biggest smile on her face just smiling at me, I couldn't help but smile back at her even though I had no clue of who she was! She didn't say hi, she didn't even say hey, he response was "do you want to go backstage with Colt Ford?" I was speechless with a smile still on my face, I turned around looking at my friend who had a her eyebrows up in the air and a half grin on her face, probably still in shock of this girl asking that. I told my friend Kendall that lets follow her and see if she is for real, I thought she might have been drunk and was playing a prank but I was willing to see how it ended. On our way walking through the crowd as she is still latched to my arm, she said JJ told me to go find some pretty girls and that why she got us, which made my day! We got up to were the crowd was packed the most at because its where the country stars were about to pass and we waited there for a second with a couple other girls, I started talking to Melody ( the girl who grabbed me) and I started talking to her, finding out that this was actually JJ sister! She was the sweetest thing ever! JJ then came out and smiled at us asking if we were ready to get on the tour bus! OF COURSE! It was taking some time so I thought that maybe this wasn't really going to be happening but when he came back he pulled the line up and the cops watched us as about five girls walked under the line, my friend and I being two of them! We got on the bus and we met Colt Ford, it was an awesome experience that I am so thankful that I got to be apart of!  

A picture of Kendal and I on the Colt Ford tour bus, if you look under the TV there is the drummer for Colt Ford

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Meeting JJ Lawhorn Part 1 - Jessika Lester

Around this time last year I was offered a spot to be in an upcoming music video with JJ Lawhorn. I had saw JJ for the first time at Fort Lee military base where he opened up for Chris Young, also a country singer. When I saw him come across the stage I was a little puzzled as to what he was going to do. He didn’t look like a country singer because of how he was dressed and the fact that he has long hair! But I didn’t want to judge before I had heard him. He started talking and I could immediately tell from his deep thick southern drawl that this was going to be good! He started singing and my jaw dropped! I was speechless to the music that came out of his mouth! It was awesome! I saw he was signing and taking pictures with people but by the time I went looking I couldn't find him again. I was a little disappointed but what could I do! I then went to the country fest which had three country singers Colt Ford, Darious Rucker, and Brantley Gilbert. Hearing them in the back ground as I walked around it was nice, then I heard the start of one of JJ Lawhorn songs, my eyes immediately turned to the stage as I saw him up there opening before Colt Ford came on. I was in shock and so excited that I got to see him perform again! After he performed I was walking around and right before I knew it, JJ was in the crowd walking around so I grabbed my friend by her arm and told her to come take this picture for me! I walked up to him and asked if I could take a picture with him, and he replied "why yes you can sweetheart". I took the picture with him, smiled gave him a hug and walked off! My friend didn’t know who he was and starting asking me about him, when I told her he was a country singer she wanted to find him again and get a picture with him. Therefore the journey begins with finding him! We were walking around and I remember feeling someone grab my arm and I then turned around seeing ....... to be continued on next blog!  

Friday, October 18, 2013

Taking Fall Pictures - Jessika Lester

For the past month I have been setting up, and getting children together for their fall pictures. The fall pictures consisted of a background of a tractor, orange and yellow flowers, and as cute wagon! The children were so excited to have their picture taken, or it might have been just a way for them to get out of class! I took pictures from infants to four year old. Must I say infants are extremely hard to take pictures for! But in the end the pictures turn out good after putting hard work into it! Sometimes taking pictures can be stressful when the lighting is off and you have to constantly move stuff around and if it’s not looking right you have to move stuff all around again, I can get pretty irritated! However, I always seem to pull through because I think the pictures turn out great! I am now starting to sell the pictures that I put hard work into and I really love that because I get to do what I love and get paid for it! It doesn't get much better than that! Now I have to stop writing because we are starting to come up with ideas on the next paper! God bless!  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Saturday nights rodeo - Jessika Lester

Saturday night I attended the Blackstone, Virginia rodeo. When I arrived there I was extremely pumped for this rodeo because it is my all time favorite. I actually missed my prom to attend this rodeo because I like it that much. As soon as I got there I went ahead and saddled up my horse and was warming her up, even though she wasn't die to run for another good two hours. You still need to have to stretch their legs. When I was in the warm up pen, I was riding around with my friends Amber, and Brooke. I couldn't help but hear the announcer calling for check. After he got all the wires connected right he made an announcement about the rodeo. Welcoming people to Blackstone and saying we are looking for three teams of three to participate in the steer wrestling. My friend Amber and I looked at each other and smiled. I knew what that meant. We both said lets do it at the same time, so there we went to sign up and put Brooke down as well to because after we told her what we were doing she said she wanted in. After about ten minutes of still warming up the announcer came back over the intercom and said we are still looking for two other teams (making us the only ones to have signed up) and then he mentioned "and guess what, the only team signed up as of now, are three girls" My friends and I threw our hands up making some noise showing that we were going to be doing it. Shortly after two more teams had gotten together from out of the crowd and attended the steer wrestling as well. After My run, in which Lover (my horse) did great, it was time for the steer wrestling. We were the first to get out bull, and the first one to get the ribbon tied on his tail (what the object was to do) to the guy in the red shirt who was waiting to see who finished first. However, another boy caught up to Brooke and she played it off as she didn't get there first when she really did so they ended up giving it to he other team, which made me a little mad. But we all had fun so that's all that matters.


The link to go to for the video!

Friday, September 27, 2013

What my weekend consisted of... photography - Jessika Lester

My favorite thing to do in the world is ride a horse. But when I’m old, I wanted to have something that I could keep forever for when I wouldn't be able to ride again so I started taking pictures so that I could always look back on the good times. After I started taking pictures of my horse and I, and getting people to take some for me, I felt as though I really had become addicted to taking pictures. I was inspired by the beauty of every picture and what I was capable of making them look like. I felt as though I might really be taking off on a great hobby that I could also make money in. When I started taking pictures for other people I was afraid they might not turn out like I planned, but the good Lord has blessed me I feel with an eye to see the beauty in any picture. People were so pleased with my work they began wanting to do more sessions with me and then I would have their family and friends want them done as well. So now I am able to do something I love and make money from it. Can you say a double plus? Here are some pictures of me, that I have done.